nonprofit Executives, Directors, and Presidents all have search firms working for them

it is about time we have someone working for

the beginners,

the millennials,

& the OUTRAGEOUSLY energized


the Nonprofit Beginnings Consulting doctrine

If the nonprofit sector wishes to address the lack of retaining smart and passionate young do-gooders, then the sector needs to treat them as valuable talent to be recruited to choose a career in nonprofits. So many small and large nonprofits spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on search firms, headhunters, and third party agencies to find only executive level talent. Accordingly, only the top professionals use those same firms to review resumes, inform their career decisions and keep an eye-out for that next promotion. The doctrine behind Nonprofit Beginnings Consulting is to turn that philosophy on it’s head, and provide resources, time and talent to the new comers, college graduates and mid-level experienced individuals¬†looking to navigate a meaningful career in the nonprofit sector. This generation will lead the sector in due time. It is about time you get the support you deserve.

What we do for you

Nonprofit employers have an overwhelming pool of candidates for any position they post. Yet, they want to see young professionals who care more about the nonprofit sector and their craft, then someone who just looks good on paper. We will help you learn more about the sector, the organizational history of the North Carolina culture of nonprofits, understand the jargon, and provide a helping hand in your dream job search. Whether its breaking down a job search or introducing you to new resources for professional development, we want you to feel like you have an ally in making the world a better place.

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