A New Personal/Professional Adventure

Welcome to my new blog everyone! The name is still being reviewed and kicked around. Guess its a good thing this is a free account!

Here is my goal with this new blog – to provide an outlet of information, opinion, and professional knowledge about volunteerism and nonprofits. I am no expert on either matter, but I have a passion to build upon what I have done and share it with others.

I will be sharing news of note from around nonprofits and publications. Along with insights to what it takes to run and manage your own nonprofit through personal experience. Currently I am the Vice President for Green Starkville, a local environmental nonprofit in Mississippi. I helped create this 501c3 for the community and I will be sharing my experiences as its CFO/VP every so often.

However, I am not all business. I do have a fun personality too! For instance, check out my “life’s dream” at The View From Home. I love the sport of baseball. And I love going to the ballpark. My dream is to see each of the 200+ ballparks in America, and that is my journal of the journey.

Thanks for visiting and check back often!


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