The State of Things

Yesterday the nonprofit I am VP for, Green Starkville, launched its next community endeavor It came about from the forward thinking of people in the community and the need to connect the 80 plus nonprofits/community groups with volunteers in the community.

We will see how it turns out, but after giving my presentation to over 30 community organization leaders yesterday, one cannot be anything but hopeful.

However it got me thinking of what things are being thought of in the world on nonprofits throughout the US. The Nonprofit Quarterly is doing a in-depth investigation series into the individual US states, in their piece entitled “The State We’re In“.

Right now only a dozen states have been examined. Yet, all of my “home” states have been examined – Mississippi, North Carolina and New York. How’s your state? Or how do you think they are fairing in relation to nonprofits surviving the Great Recession?

For Mississippi, foundations are being hit the hardest. However, with the state always doubling the national average in personal donations perhaps there is so upward movement to be made in getting people outdoors to volunteer. If money is tight then its the other plea for time and effort that many nonprofits should instead be asking their donors for.


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