Using Google Yet?

The one thing that I take for granted during my work in the local nonprofit field, is the amazing tool that is Google. Sure Google is the “evil empire” to many people who wish to truly move away from big businesses and coporate fat cats. However, what in my mind, separates Google from say Apple (and I love my MacBook Pro by the way!), is the resources that Google provides the community of mankind.

And did I mention those resources are free?

Nothing I have used (Cloud, MobileMe) comes close to the power of Google’s freeware that is open to any person or organization to use. If you are a start-up nonprofit, or even a person looking to use the tools of the internet to your advantage by leaving that flashdrive at home, I highly recommend a Google account.

For the nonprofits – check out Google for Non-Profits. There you will find out about the tools of Docs, Calendar, Checkout, Analytics, and more. When working for Green Starkville’s new project,, the seemless intergration of publishing a website that uses Calendar/Docs/Mail is invaluable in time management.

By using Google’s free tools we are able to continuously check in on the site, update events, enter new data, and share documents all from our homes or coffee shops. There is almost no need for a physical office or interaction. For any organization looking to save time and money, Google may be the answer for your needs.

These two recent Google Blog posts are most helpful in maximizing those resources even further :

10 tips for using Gmail at work – my favorite is number 3!

7 ways to improve your call to action – once again, it is lucky number 3 for me.

I could go on and on about how I use these tools. Yet, I’ll save that for another post!

One thought on “Using Google Yet?

  1. Colleen McKee says:

    I completely agree with your love of “google” and the fact that it is free makes it the wisest choice. Google chrome even takes the experience up a notch – another free notch too.


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