A Superb New Legal Resource for Nonprofits

Two posts in one day! Must be a special going on in nonprofit news, a 2 for 1 if you may.

Just this afternoon I recieved the daily newsletter from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. In it was a link to a great new legal resource for all nonprofits – Law for Change

The resource (it really is more than a “website”) gives you more than just information. It seems to act both as a legal info clearinghouse, a forum where legal minds address your questions, and tools to keep your nonprofit out of the courtroom. It has detailed information about what your nonprofit needs to do get off the ground (another Check List is never a bad idea) and knowledge about the taxation laws on nonprofits.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of this resource is the ability for it to link you up with a legal team that works pro-bono in either your jurisdiction or by legal topic. And that is an invaluable tool for any new nonprofit to have in their corner.


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