Day(s) Of Service

With tomorrow marking the 9th year of the September 11th attacks, it also marks the annual United States holiday commemorating it with the 9/11 Day of Service. While surfing the social networks I found tweets dedicated to both events from Elizabeth and the 9/11 Memorial.

This past month I started a new job at a nonprofit in Raleigh NC. So I am continuing to live the dream of having my work be the change I wish to see in the world. However, now that I have a 8-5 job, doesn’t that mean I can stop volunteering? If you work in government or a nonprofit, isn’t that enough?

No it is not, and no you should not stop volunteering. That is my philosophy.

But there is a catch. Mix it up a little! I work for an organization that is driven to help at-risk youth. So I decided to work in a thrift store named Retails with the mission of providing low-income folks with pets a $20 fix for their dogs and cats. Did you know that 1 unspayed cat and her litter can produce over 50,000 offspring in less than a decade? I love this organization’s mission. It is important, in-your-face with facts, and speaks to an issue close to my heart.

You have to stay fresh. And you have to stay involved on the ground level. In order to accomplish both, try looking up an organization that you may not have a direct link to in mission (whether through your donations, work sponsorships, or career) and volunteer for them tomorrow. And next week. And next month.

Its not just important to volunteer for one day. Whether that be tomorrow or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s National Day of Service. But make a commitment to volunteer long-term. Statistics show the overwhelming value of a volunteers time and services in a community. For example, look at the stats for volunteers in Raleigh, NC – A total of 205,000 volunteers – 24 per “resident” – a fiscal contribution of $447,000,000 to the local community from 2007-2009.

Here are some quick resources to get you started –

Please consider starting your own Day(s) of Service tomorrow.

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