Recharge, Refuel, and Recommit!

Today has been the end of a week that has been a month long battle of sheer exhaustion for me. Its been hard separating work days from free time, when one does not have much of a home life to continue. Despite the new found income, freedom in culture a big city offers, and a very flexible work schedule, I have found myself burnt almost out in my overall quality of life.

This is not to say all is horrible! Yet quite the contrary, I have almost everything going for me and I’m super pumped.

But this sheer tiredness has got me to thinking about how little we take serious in the nonprofit sector the ability to be burnt out. Think about those folks that work in the sector with you. We are all mission driven. And unlike salary-driven people, which can only be gained between certain hours, the mission is never accomplished. Thus the existence of our sector.  What is necessary is to be able to see the forest through the trees. And in this case that forest is recouperation.

So whether its recharging over a good book, a long weekend, finding your spirituality, spending time with family, or enjoying nature or anything else – it is as necessary to refuel before you can completely recommit to your mission and job!

What are your favorite ways to recharge? Do you even have any? Well maybe you should start thinking of some! I prefer a long weekend with my dogs and girl, peppered with some time outdoors and great food. Simple, but it soothes the soul.

One thought on “Recharge, Refuel, and Recommit!


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