Why Its So Much More Than Social

Social media is so much more than “social”. It is the way the world looks for its next big thing (that Bieber kid). It is how we judge how serious a problem is (Iranian Green Revolution). I could go on, but the point is hopefully made.

Recently I was asked to write an opinion piece on why the new social networking site Jumo will succeed. Jumo is a organizational driven social networking site for nonprofits. However, in writing I realized that social media is not just a way to do business or raise funds for nonprofits, but it is now the way.

Look at these posts to show how social technology and websites transformed from what was the outside of the business model, to being at the core of any nonprofits efforts. 

  • Nathan Hand (@Nathan_Hand) describes what Facebook’s new email (POP3) function means for nonprofits. Now more than ever you will need to know the preferences of your donors and intended audience. Online efforts are looking to dominate the classic paper outreach.
  • Gizmodo highlights why yet again Apple is throwing kinks into nonprofits raising funds though iPhone apps. Pretty big deal – but only four years ago were iPhones really being used to social connections, and now its evolved into the cash beast for developers it is today.
  • As Megan Hill writes (@YeahService), there is at least a minimum of six steps you need to follow to keep your nonprofit’s Twitter feed relevant! Okay, what was Twitter two years ago? What was it before elections and the power of rallying people to donate to Haiti?
  • And as Rohit Bhragava (@rohitbhragava) discusses in a post about Jumo, this social media tech does more than basic peer to peer networking. Rohit describes Jumo’s appeal through multiple levels of involvement – “…there can be multiple levels of engagement and if a social network can make it easy to do everything from support a cause you care about simply by clicking a “like” button – to actually donating money or agreeing to volunteer, then that is a big win for the entire nonprofit community.” It is than straight line interaction in “social” media now. It is complex and meaningful activities.

The technology that has brought the social networking sphere to the forefront of daily lives, will only begin to revolutionize the way nonprofits interact with staff, volunteers, donors, and more. Its not social, its “how-to-get-it-done” media.


3 thoughts on “Why Its So Much More Than Social

  1. Nathan says:

    Nick – thx for the shoutout and for another great post! It’s great to see the rise in social media usage amongst nonprofits, but I fear it’s much more about ‘existence’ than it is actually tracking engagement and communicating ROI to leadership. Social media is simply fundraising cultivation and relationship building in a technical form – what’s exciting (to me) about Jumo is that it’s been pitched as a way for organizations to find new SUPPORTERS – can’t wait to see if/when/how that comes to fruition…


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