Attacks on the Public Sector

I recently just finished reading an article from the Washington Post that describes the new 2 letter word in Washington (and throughout America) as: public servant.

The article outlines the attacks on public sector pay, benefits, and retirement packages as unendurably high during the nation’s worst recession since the Great Depression.  Republicans of all manners looking to slash the government, Democrats looking satisfy the loss of power by brokering deals, and everyone looking to make a boogey man out of someone. Thus the easiest target is the faceless “public servant”.

Is it just me or does the public servant always seem to have to fall on the sword of the people when it comes to ridicule over lifestyle or pay? And is this not intricately linked with the nonprofit sector worker’s constant dilemma of not being taken serious yet doing society’s work that the private sector refuses?

If private sector workers hate their treatment by their Fortune 500 companies, their small business contracts, or their 23rd story desk job, than why not revolt against your treatment? Instead of being hoodwinked by Wall Street (see 1% of population) into believing public sector workers should be treated just as bad as private workers, perhaps they should demand to be treated like public sector workers.

And maybe then we can get by these attacks on each other, as we all move the country forward, and focus on how the top 1% exploits us for their gain. Because if that was not happening, we would have no need for public sector workers at all. As government and nonprofits would be moot.


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