Mentor Month!

Did you know that January is National Mentor Month?

Well it is!

So get thy self to a mentorship!

While I do work for a mentoring organization, this goes much deeper than that. Mentoring is something that almost every student coming out of college looking to work in the public sector is asking for “in an ideal workplace”. Why is this? Because at many successful for-profit companies, they take an active part in grooming, growing, and cultivating their professionals of the next generation.

For-profit organizations have had decades to perfect their model. Nonprofits have just begun capturing the eye of generational workforce, and thus have some ground to make up. Which is why if you are a nonprofit professional, you should take advantage of your networks and find a mentor in your field. However, you can start mentoring in your field right now! Some one is always looking for advice and a kind ear, and your lack of experience or youthful age (they are separate mind you), will not be a barrier.

Now – don’t forgot about volunteer mentoring! If you feel more comfortable with working with at-risk youth or students, make sure you check out opportunities through your local nonprofits such as Communities in Schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, and many more (Volunteer Match).

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