Running the Show

As part of my professional life, I conduct what are called “site visits” to monitor and interact with local organizations my nonprofit works with to promote our mission.

It occurred to me that even with little formal training, an administrator has to be prepared to “run the show” in case they need to provide outside leadership to a situation that has specific insider details. I see such leadership all the time within my organization and the people I work with. New roles are hashed out within each unique event and situation.

But there is no real “guide” to build confidence or respect for one’s ability to take charge. So here are some things that I run through my mind before and after such events or site visits.

1. Do Your Homework: Even if you are just going to a training put on by a co-worker, make sure YOU know your organization’s role, your peer’s role, and the information well enough to speak about it. Being a resource is your #1 priority, even if it means telling someone you will get back to them about an issue that you know roughly connects to your position.

2. Take Ownership of the Situation: This is key when conducting a site visit or small event by yourself. You are there to complete a job or duty which is essential to your organization completing its mission. Get your questions asked, see key stakeholders, don’t hold back from promoting your people’s hard work, and complete your duty to the T.

3. Take Time to Reflect: As it is important in all life’s events – it is just as important when you return from a situation that you organized or controlled. Reflecting on what you experienced, your audience’s participation, and future steps is what will take your efforts beyond just one day. This is an opportunity to bring in ideas from yourself and others that may not have been apparent at the time, while extending the life of your project.

Hope this helps!


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