Stay Motivated

It is hard in our world of 24/7 media, connectivity, and demand for attention to consistently stay motivated for the particular cause, passion, or job we go to battle for. Heck, its hard to even at times post to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog because you are just tired of looking at a screen or being mired in discussion. I, for one, need to still work on this whole work-life balance partially because all my “free” time is really unstructured, I am compelled to continue to work for the causes and passions I care about.

I am not talking about burn-out, where you just stop caring because nothing feels like it will ever change. But more the ability for you to stay motivated to work to do bigger and better things at your job, volunteer organization, or community.

Here are some handy tips I use to keep myself charged and ready to rock:

  1. Visit Friends – There is nothing like seeing those friends you just met last year at networking event or that you’ve known since high school with families, lives, and little tots of their own to charge your batteries. You get to see that its not just nameless/faceless people you are working for – but your friends.
  2. Go for a Walk – Seriously. How easy is it to just get up, walk around your city/town block, go for a bike ride, take Spot for a jog, and see your community up close and personal? Its really easy! Get some sun (in the spring and summer months) and charge your inner self.
  3. Reflect – Nothing beats serious reflection. Write down your thoughts. Silently muse in a park. People watch at the mall. Take the time to just be and take in the world around you. Disconnect and take 15 minutes (or a day!) to reflect on the world that you live in and are trying to change. Because there is nothing like realizing how great the planet, country, and town you live in.
Stay motivated my friends.

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