Vacation equals Motivation?

While the end of June is upon us, and Independence day is right around the corner, this is a time of year for vacations. Summer vacations to the beach, to see family, across the globe, and to make new friends with the old. I just returned from a vacation of sorts (family is always another level of “vacation”) and came back to the office yesterday. It was the real first time I took off and did not check my email, return calls, or even think about work or the mission at the nonprofit for days. 

When I returned I found that…life goes on. My co-workers were getting the job done, nothing fell apart in my area, and everyone was happy to see me back. However, what you struggle with is the ability to get right back into the swing of things. You feel that since you were gone, you ditched on our your team and feel demanded to produce again right away. Like it would be akin to punishment just because you took time off! 

Luckily for me, I work in a organization that values personal lives, values, and time away from burning out. And I bet most people in the nonprofit sector feel the same way. Yet, I will bet someone a hot dog that they still feel unwarranted pressured when they return from the office. So you know what? Turn it into motivation! 

Get motivated to do something different in your position! Maybe look for a new grant outside your scope? Maybe offer to “tweet” for your PR department? Start a new healthy/green/in-shape campaign at the office? Start a brown bag or everyone eats out on Thursdays office building effort?

Regardless of what it is, take the time to step back from returning from your vacation to really make it worth while for your peace of mind at work too. Do not reinvent yourself, but instead try to use that vacation as a running start in motivation.


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