Magic and the Words that Create It

My twitter friend, The Charitable Chick, had a great blog post over the July 17th weekend about the magic of Harry Potter. It has been about a month now since that post, and need to take some time to recognize something often hidden on blogs, facebook fan pages, and tweets.

Magic – its not just a flight of fancy – but instead is the real personal part of ourselves we can express to the world through the words and actions we leave behind. 

Seldom do people let their guard down and be personal. And this is not a cry to people everywhere to suddenly unleash their inner voice to the world – but at least the people closest to them. Thanks to Netflix, I finished watching the first season of Mad Men. Yes, I know, late to the party. However, I was watching this show – about 1960s debachary, unequal rights, massive money drops – and what made this show great was the characters lack of desire to be genuine, to anyone.

Has much changed in 2011? People are now allowed to be more personal but its almost a criminal act in some circles to express opinions, desires, and truthful passions that would allow people to grow professionally as well as personally.

So thanks to novels written for adolescents, a fun post by a friend, and the magic of personal words – I am thankful to the magic of creating the life I want to live, on paper and in action.


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