The Legacy of Jobs

This often verbose blog of mine has laid into the company Apple at various times throughout the past year, calling out Steve Jobs and Apple for not doing more for the nonprofit sector.

However, despite my mixed emotions at times supporting a brand that seems to only support the public sector through its products – which is what the rank & file answer is from Apple – it is with a heavy heart that I too received the news of Steve Job’s passing last week.

I would recommend checking out the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s running page about him, and leaving your thoughts if he impacted your nonprofit through his innovations. 

The passing of a great visionary such as Mr. Jobs should have a lasting impact in your lives. Not just because the latest Apple tech might be suspect, or even better, but because Mr. Jobs defined what it meant to leave a “legacy”. Its taken me a few days to figure out what his passing really means to the American public, and the world. It meant that deep down we truly emboldened ourselves to live as to leave a legacy behind that will be remembered for generations. 

Legacy. Its a powerful word. Inspiring by powerful people. Attained by all people. 

What will be your legacy?


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