Top 5 Reasons to Attend Couture for a Cause 2011

Now I do not do top 5 lists or promotion of events regularly. So it is my hope that you will take this to heart and attend Activate Good‘s annual fundraiser “Couture for a Cause” this Friday October 21st!

#1  – Its Classy and Cultural, in Raleigh!

How many times do you sit at home thinking to yourself, “oh how I wish there was something that really expressed Raleigh’s culture to go to this month?” Well, fine I do not think about it that often either, only when looking for the next food truck, but you know what – Couture for a Cause is classy and cultural. You match up local Raleigh designers with local charities; throw in a fundraiser fashion show to raise money for YOUR community and boom!

#2 – You can be someone’s hero, for only $20!

Sounds to good to be true right? But hey, even Spider-man needs a quick fix that his webbings cannot provide somedays. Tickets are only $20 right now ($25 at the door). This donation goes towards assisting Activate Good living up to their credo – “Anybody can be Somebody’s Hero. Volunteer.” Meals on Wheels. Neuse Riverkeepers. United Way. NC Gives. Wake County Schools. Urban Ministries. All these nonprofits and more believe in the work of Activate Good. And you can be a hero, to all of them.

#3 – Social event of October!

Come on, this is a no-brainer. Have you seen the sponsorship list? Everyone is going to be there, including you! What other event can draw out the city, with style on a Friday night in October? Halloween, look you’re not 18 any more and Chapel Hill is not that cool. Can we agree that intelligent and fun conversation, all while benefiting amazing charities in Raleigh, is better than a bunch of half naked undergrads down the road? Of course there will be a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres, so forced socializing will not be your problem!

#4 – Can we say fashion show?

Okay now I am not that excited about the fashion show – since I have never been to one nor particularly thought about them outside of the classic skit on the Office (fashion show, fashion show at lunch!) But check out these photos from 2010 and 2009. Needless to say, its going to be a great event full of entertaining wearables!

#5 – Penance for “Trying” Fried Kool-Aid…for the 4th time

Now I love the State Fair so don’t get me wrong! But let’s be honest, after nine days being in town, you can put aside that turkey leg, 64 oz Coke, with a side of fried bubblegum for one night. Come out and spend some quality time with the charities that need your help. Since you never know, Couture for a Cause’s kool-aid may be the best thing you missed out on all year.

To register – visit Couture for a Cause ticket page here

See you there!

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