In Defense of Revelry

Every now and then, the bond created by friends warrants an opportunity to appreciate that connection.

I am not talking just about letting your hair down, getting loud, and drinking till all hours in the morning.

In its sincerest form, friendship is loud, giddy, and relaxed. A person should never feel guilty about the time spent with good friends. Throughout our days, so many things come up. We are involved in work, family, volunteering, and taking time for ourselves (hopefully). And we neglect one of our other great accomplishments – our friendships. 

These deep friendships take time, patience, trust, and depending on how much fun, some amount of money. Its our price to pay to deepen our most inner soul. Our most inner happiness through our connection to people. 

So in defense of revelry, stand the line with me. Keep your friends close. And the happiness they bring, and you give them, even closer. 

7 thoughts on “In Defense of Revelry


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