Poverty, Still an Issue?

According to this article by Philanthropy Today, poverty seems to know longer be on many American’s radar when it comes to giving.

Although giving rose slightly last year, donations to social services declined by 6.6 percent, and many of the wealthiest donors have focused their giving on projects like museums, hospital wings, and influencing public policy and political campaigns.

Is this a sign of the public’s waning interest in alleviating poverty and social issues like homelessness? 

I personally believe that poverty is the root of many, if not all, social issues – health care, housing, jobs, education – and this is an alarming statistic. If we do not eliminate not just poverty, but the generational poverty and class of the working poor, how can we ever promise the hope of pursing happiness in our country? Or in the world? 

Hopefully organizations that look at this data, can gain some insight and offer a solution to this perhaps emerging predicament. I would challenge everyone to look at their donations and charitable organizations (or ones you work in) and see is this a true crisis approaching. 


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