Everyday is Veterans Day

While it is cliche to jump on the Veterans Day thankfulness bandwagon of postings in the blogosphere, I am hoping that my beliefs will set this apart from others. It is my belief that some days, the ones we as a society only recoginze on a singular day, should be celebrated – no, should be honored – each day of our lives. Veterans Day is one of those. 

Throughout human history there has been violence, war, bloodshed. The war of ideas, human rights, and happiness is something that has been very real in our collective existence. While some might believe there is no “just war”, others believing that all wars fought by their “side” to be righteous, and those still grasping it all internally, there are those who fight them. 

Those in our societies asked or volunteering to risk it all for their people, following orders, and sometimes never returning to the place they called home. We should honor these men, women, and families, regardless of our views on our leaders or opinions on the conflicts, everyday. Honoring our humanity begins by constantly remembering those who place their own on the line for a peaceful future. 

Here are some resources on how you can honor those past, present, and future veterans in their quest for peace: 

Joining Forces – a intiative by the White House 

United Service Organization (USO) – the NC chapter for those that click

The Wounded Warrior Project – personal favorite group

Serve.gov – a website to find all kinds of ways to volunteer for veterans and other causes

Service Nationan organization that partners veterans and civilians in service

PeaceLovePackages – send some much needed love through a Raleigh group to serving men/women overseas


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