No Better Time Than Now

With 2012 quickly approaching, I’ve found that 2011 was not everything I would hope it would be. Most of it was wasted time, unlike 2010 which was full of me really getting a mastery of my time and space. Instead I’ve found myself missing opportunities, and not achieving my goals.

I’ve volunteered far less. I did not reach my goal of reading 20 books (and found out some people I know read over 50 a year). I did not visit 10 new ballparks, only 7. I went significantly less to the gym. I did not get new layouts for my websites. And I did not even take up cycling with any real effort.

And on and on.

If anything this feels good. Its like a necessary purge and realization that I need to improve, and nothing is the way you want it without effort and persistance. Any steps you wish you took or would not take this past year?

I am ready to admit, 2011 was a great year. But 2012 will be even better. I am ready to fully pursue another year of happiness – in work, life, friendship, and through others.


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