Everyday is Better Than the Last

Dearest readers,

Twelve years ago I entertained the notion of attending a Christmas play with a few high school friends in Greensboro NC. At such a young age I had no idea the weight in which that decision would hold over the rest of my life.

Also attending that play would be a young girl named Valerie from my school. We knew each other through the typical high school means – with my teenage taunts of her being late to class, and her throwing me into lockers with her overpacked book-bag of, well tons of heavy books.

To make a long story short – actually after an astonishing 12 years there is nothing to leave out. After that first kiss those long 12 years ago (which we still argue who kissed who), each day since has been better than the last.

We’ve attended new schools together (and rivals apart), moved to new states, made amazing new friends and kept close the old ones near to our hearts, and have helped countless people and animals together. Not to mention two loving and adorable dogs that we love more than anything.

But most importantly, each day we look forward to more days together. And the promise we sealed long ago to each day being happier, more meaningful, more fun, and better than the last.

I love you sweetheart.


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