Sincerest Thanks & Adulations

Throughout the year I’ve been thankful for a lot of things, both offline and online. Fortunately for myself, I have been apart of some amazing relationships in the online world of social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook) that have made the experiences in life so much more valuable.

When I started this blog a little under two years ago, I did so with the intention of solidifying my knowledge and understanding of a particular topic – nonprofits. However, this journey has now evolved into something so much more than just a place where I attempt (since I post 1x every 2 weeks) to speak about the social sector with some sort of statue. Instead I have found my social media experience evolving into a hands-on, full throttle interaction with some of the sharpest and deepest minds in the world.

And today I want to thank you all. While this list is not all inclusive, if you read this I highly recommend you follow this person/organization, as they are both inspiring and powerful. All the charities I list, or good deed organizations, I encourage you to donate and spread their word.

Again thank you.

Valerie Ardent, Taylor Overstreet, Earth Force, Jennifer Love, Brent Laurenz, Erin TimmermansJohn Haydon, Ian Adair, Activate Good, Food Bank NC, CISNC, Leadership Triangle, YNPN Triangle NC, Gail Perry, Brianne Villano, Natalie Duggins, Yancy Scot, Bull City Forward, Amanda Rhode, Elyse Klova, Dara Goldberg, Rosetta Thurman, Allison Jones, Donna Cheek, Michael Chatman, Dawn Crawford, Jessica Schultz, Nick Savarese, Tony Martignetti, Nevin Daryani, Blair LM Kelley, Jen Newmeyer, Dan Blakemore, Liz Henry, Beth Kanter, Kelly Stonebock, Nathan Hand, Coalition to Unchain Dogs, Jessica Journey, April Northstrom, and Mandy Steinhardt.

For my journey to happiness – Gretchin Rubin and her Happiness Project & Benjamin Hill and his Ben’s Biz Blog.

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