Pull Forward, Never Push Backwards

And as the sun rises...

With the new year of 2012 closing in on everyone of us, I believe it is a good time to share of my efforts of “pulling forward” with the flipping of the calendar. It is a sincerely held belief of mine that the new year’s resolutions are not cliche. In my opinion the turning of the new year provides our species with the visible opportunity to set out personal and professional goals. While everyone makes resolutions, many don’t stick. So over time, its seen as a hollow promise.

It is my hope that these are not hollow – but inspire you to pick some things you want to achieve, for self, for happiness, for work, for love in 2012. I will be tracking all of these through the Happiness Project Toolbox (free to sign up) and keeping myself honest.

This year marks my 30th birthday on Earth. Its a pretty big milestone for me. Lots of change will be happening in my 30th, so its time to start really living these years in a better way than flying by the seat of my pants. Thus this is the motivating factor in this effort to not “push backwards” in 2012, but to “pull myself forward” to a better life.

Before we start check out this article (previously referenced on my Twitter feed) about the essential questions to ask yourself before you set out in resolutions. My favorite is #2 – is there concrete action to be taken? While that can be yes or no, the difficultly of that goal will depend on this factor.

Here we go, 12 goals for my 30 years!

  • Volunteer with 12 new organizations in 2012 – 1 new one per month in the Triangle to get a better feel for the place I live.
  • Read 20 books
  • Participate fully in National Novel Month (November) – write a 50,000 word story in one month!
  • Give up coffee for 1 month (June)
  • Give up alcohol for 1 month (March)
  • Give up meat for one month (January) – to live a healthier lifestyle, as much research shows the less meat the better.
  • Blog on here and The View From Homeplate 1x a week
  • Fundraise in a massive social media campaign #30×30 for 30 days and $30 donations each day for CISNC for my birthday in April (April)
  • Plan a Date Night & $10 one-night outings each month with my sweetheart
  • Visit 10 new ballparks (April – Sept)
  • Hit the gym a minimum of 2x a week
  • Call my immediate family 1x per month

Do you have any goals for 2012? Some continuing ones you strive for each year? Perhaps some new bolder ones? Please share, I would love to hear them!

Happy 2012! See you in the future!


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