A Great Start, A Great Young Year

You really cannot start 2012 off in a better way than having a nonprofit you work with the most be listed as top organizations to follow in the new year. 

Actually, you can if you have two!

Recently listed in Non Profit Tech 2.0 was their New 29 Favorite Nonprofits for 2012. In their top 2 for preventing high school dropouts was…Communities in Schools! (linked to their national office’s Twitter feed) It is a fulfilling feeling to know that I work with the amazing people in the North Carolina office and network of 36 local organizations. Its more than that – it provides me inspiration.

And today, one of the nonprofits I volunteer for, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network was named a Top 10 Nonprofit to Watch in 2012 by the Chronicle of Philanthropy! I mean how amazing is that!? Here in Raleigh, some great local young professionals and I have started the local chapter, YNPN Triangle NC, and its been an excellent experience.

Its taken the better part of twenty plus years for me to find these groups. But these organizations are amazing. And more importantly, these people that make up the parts of the astonishing work that occurs in those structured 501c3s. They are dedicated passionate people, they are family, and that is why they will make 2012 more than a great start.


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