Do for Others, News of Note

Some great happiness and non-profit news of note for the week that should give you a great entrance to the holiday weekend!

Check out this deep article about “Less Work, More Living” first published in YES Magazine, but shared from Daily Good. Often I have harped upon the need for each person to limit the time spent stressing and working while losing sight of the big goal – to better yourself in this life. Slow doooown! I love the suggestions given here, and is an article I will be referring to a lot this year.

Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula. The more time a person has, the better his or her quality of life, and the easier it is to live sustainably.


It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr weekend already and you should remember that this is a “Day On, Not Off”. Over the last hand full of years organizations like GenerationOn,, and others have attempted to make sure people know to volunteer on Monday, because Dr. King’s message was one of service and love – not of thinking of one’s self. Check out, and Activate Good (Raleigh only) if you are looking for some way to give back on Monday.


Is your nonprofit looking for a guide to the new social media craze of Pinterest? Well Beth Kanter has you covered here with a great intro piece.


Want to be inspired by young leaders? Well look no further than this local leader’s profile in the Raleigh News & Observer, Amber Smith. Founder and President of Activate Good, she asks you: What are you doing for others?


Plenty of other links can be found all the time on my Twitter page – @nickdico – but here are a few of the week’s tops:

Vote for $80k in Education (vote CIS please!)

Disappearing Barriers Between Nonprofits and Business Driving Innovation

College Tuition is Spiraling Out of Control


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