Food Journal Weeks 2 & 3

Over the past two weeks I have been plowing through my meatless month for January, part of one of my new year’s resolutions. It has been a little harder than I expected. With lots of travel in order for work and for family, it’s been quite an experience!

However I feel great! My diet has not held me back, made me sluggish, or unhappy. In fact I feel healthier than ever in both mind and body. It’s nice to know I don’t have to eat meat even if it’s in front of me.

Pictured is (from top left going clockwise):

Tofu & Cheese Philly from Mellow Mushroom

Cashew pesto pasta and cold butter beans over asparagus made at home

Open egg sandwich and vegan potato salad from Fresca in Richmond near VCU

Grilles brocillini pita with cold pickled orzo also from Fresca

NY style pizza from Mama’s on Long Island

Whadda think?!



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