Nonprofit Conversations Roundup

I believe this title will do for my weekly (ish) series of news of note and conversations surrounding the nonprofit community. It should be important for me to come back to my “bread and butter” in a professional sense, while I attempt to branch out to the other areas of what makes life happy. 

Over the past few weeks some interesting things have popped out of the do-gooder world:

  • Nonprofit Sector added jobs faster than the Private Sector – Which is great news in the whole “yes you can make a living in this professional” category.
  • Minorities are more generous than Whites – Does this help put to rest the racist opinions that minorities are just suckling on the tee of government and charities? One would hope so.
  • The New Schools Project is holding the annual STEM conference in April in Durham NC. Will you be there?
  • Classy art  t-shirts for charity! From Sevenly, now you can stylishly wear your cause on your sleeve.
  • 9 Ways you can be a Social Hero! Check out my favorites Philanthroper and Crowdrise
  • The Rise of Charitable For-Profit Entities – A great read on the overlap between private & nonprofit sectors
New fun blogger site – Indulge (travel and more, not really nonprofit stuff!)
The most important part of the past two weeks has been the positive economic news from both Washington and the private sector (manufacturing up since forever). Combined that with what seems to be a renewed spirit in innovation locally, and nationally, and the nonprofit sector slimming out and becoming more progressive in breaking down silos, 2012 should be a year to watch for big things. With data showing kids that have a better quality early childhood education turning into responsible successful adults, education is also getting the jolt it needs to survive any future cuts, while promoting overall sector overhaul.
(Photo from Raleigh event with the Share Our Strength NC Campaign! Please pledge your support with me.)

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