3 Steps to Constant Learning

Yesterday I had the great fortune to call to session a meeting of leaders in NC about a particular topic of education, service-learning. In this meeting we hashed out some important aspects to our success: mission, conference details, and more.

Yet, the most important part of this meeting for me personally was not checking off these check marks on the agenda set by myself weeks before. Instead, of service learning, I found myself in the state of constant learning. As the lead member of the meeting, it was up to me to lead the group to it’s end goals, or so I thought.

Here is what I found about constant learning yesterday. I hope it can help you professionally and personally as you go about your business:

1) Always be Aware of your Surroundings – Even while sitting in a meeting you can learn from others. What is the speaker’s style of communication? How are they reaching their audience? Is it something you would like to practice, or work on yourself? More often than not when you are willing to accept others’ talents, you are willing to improve your own.

2) A Good Leader Does Not Need to Lead – It is a time tested statement, yet still rings true. Perhaps in order to lead your team, family, coworkers, you do not need to be out in front all the time? Try stepping back and letting others feel the power to “do”! Not only will they find power in buying into what you want to accomplish, you will learn you do not have all the answers.

3)Be Humble, Not Offended – When you are leading a group, meeting, or dinner table discussion, questions you did not anticipate will pop up. Your first reaction will be to react negatively in response to what seems like a challenge of your authority. This is not the case. Why did you call this meeting together? To be in charge? Or to collaborate and effectively accomplish a mission? Sit back and realize that these are questions to strengthen your ability to achieve your goals. And that it is humbling not to think of everything, and be lucky enough to be reminded by friends.



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