Resolution Progress March!

Well with a quarter of the year over today, let’s check into see how well I’m doing on my New Year’s Resolutions for my 30th year:

No alcohol March: Survived to about March 17th. So Resolution fail.
Volunteering with 12 new organizations: Feb/March have been slow to get things off the ground – Scheduled to be trained w/ NC GreenPower, but another volunteer event prevented that. Still at 3 for the year.
Read 20 books: Read 3 new books so far this year, #5 one was a bust (too boring) and now on to #5 – The Bullpen Gospels.
Blogging: As you can read, not getting my 1x a week.
Gym: Success! Until I hurt my foot and back in all of March. Half win, half fail.

Personal date nights: Success!

Keep marching onward!


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