Social web and politics

When looking at political engagement, its hard not to see how this translates into public/charity engagement as well. Does reaching out though Pinterest really turn things around for people seeing as they are very low to be engaged in politics? Maybe. Facebook and Twitter seems spot on seeing as you can never change opinions – but they are massive tools in the nonprofit sector.

I would love to find one for charity engagement that looks as great as this!

Fully Myelinated

Here’s a very cool graphic (via Atlantic) of how which social media (and some selected non-particularly-social media– not sure how  they decided what to include) correlates with political ideology and political engagement:


A couple observations:

1) Well, I should be in the top-left corner.  For what it’s worth, I’ve recently become a regular Buzzfeed user (as you’ve likely noticed from the photos) and seriously thought  to myself, I should  get on quora.  This morning I did when doing some research on cameras and it actually did a much better job answering my questions than any other q&a site I’ve visited.

2) Love how FB and youtube  are right in the middle of the map.  Perfectly representative of America.

3) Clearly I’m staying away from Farmville.

4) I do wonder what it is about Ebay.  My wife and I both love ebay.

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One thought on “Social web and politics

  1. Karl Sakas says:

    As I just commented at the original location: “It’s interesting to see that many on the right are primarily about commerce and consumption — eBay, PayPal, Zillow, Amazon, and (via paid credits) Farmville. And many on the left are about content creation and sharing. Also interesting to see that Google skews to the left and Bing skews to the right.”


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