A New Happiness

Well it has been about three months since I updated my pursuit of happiness for all the world to see – and boy has it been busy!

Actually I should say girl it has been busy! Having to due directly with the new happiness is that my wife and I found out that in February we will be expecting the arrival of our own little girl!

This means lots of changes for our family and some of what I try to post and share weekly through the blog. It started out as a nonprofit blog, then turned into happiness, and now once again shifting into something else. Much like myself.

Starting today you will find me blogging and tweeting more about family and the home life, as well as a new commitment to the nonprofit sector after the 2012 elections. So we’ll see if this is a recipe for serious success!

Thanks for being on this journey with me. As always find me on twitter @nickdico and drop me a tweet!


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