The Election & You

Well its been a week since the United States went through one of the most divided, yet surprisingly not shocking, national election. President Obama was re-elected, both chambers of Congress stayed in the hands of Republicans or Democrats, and each state voted the same way they did in 2008 except my home of North Carolina, which voted for Republicans from DC to Raleigh to lead.

So what does that mean for you? What does it mean for your nonprofit? How about tax deductions for donations? Tax reform? There are lots of opinions and my recommendation is to keep track of various respectable ones. Seldom does national elections have such a dramatic take on a person’s life to pursue their happiness (career or at home), but this one looks like it will. With the need to reduce the deficit and debt, reform taxes, address immigration (which is happiness for millions of immigrating non-Americans), and admitting Puerto Rico as the 51st State (dreaming), politics will impact your life in 2013.

Check out these sites and follow the trends to see where things go for you in the new political year:


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