The year that was, and the future that will be

So here it is, my report card on how I completed my 2012 new year resolutions; and how life found a way to make it more interesting than any resolutions could.

Unfortunately the Happiness Project Toolbox shut down halfway through 2012, so I could not keep track of some daily/weekly activities as much as I have hoped. However, as Mrs. Rubin stated, it was a great starting point for the rest of us, so I thank her for the foundation to my efforts and continue to use the Happiness Project as a resource.

  • I did give up alcohol and meat for one month! 2 check marks! However, coffee did not happen.
  • I only visited 2 MLB ballparks last season, sadly. And only had 5 new blog posts on The View From Home Plate site. I found it very hard this year to get into the swing (pun intended) of baseball during such a busy summer for us DiCos.
  • Also missed my mark on blogging here or on that site 1x a week.
  • Read 8 new books, not 20!
  • Val and I did have one date night a month! Check!
  • On average I hit the gym 2x a week, until Nov/Dec. So 5/6 check?
  • I did call my family 1x a month, and did hit various ones every other month. Check!
  • And finally, my #30×30 campaign brought in $670 for CISNC. Close to my $900 goal, but hey I’ll count this a check!

The year that was 2012 was far more amazing than just these bullets. I married my sweetheart of 12 years. We bought a house in our favorite city. And we found out we were going to be parents in the next year.

And those life experiences can never be accounted for on a blog, but only in my heart. So for 2013, the year of the #babydico13, I’m not setting any goals (outside of giving up sweet tea!). Instead I’ll aim to do everything I can to make the world a better place than it was in 2012. As well as be the best neighbor, husband, and father that I can be.



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