Happiness is Not Sleepless Nights

That being said we have entered the stage of Karibou’s life where a sleeping pattern is illogical. Sure while it’s 2am and the world is a sleep, it makes complete sense to be fussy unless Karibou is in the exact right spot.

Now this is not to say I was not expecting this. But nothing can prepare you for the up and down hours of a newborn, even if you think you are. What is it that Yoda says to Luke on Dagobah, after he thinks he’s not afraid?

Oh yeah, right.

So here’s some new daddy tips for any friends out there to help conquer this phantom menace of sleepless nights:

  1. DVR is your best friend – catch up on some good shows you and the wife have not watched since pregnant week 35.
  2. Make sure that iPad or laptop is within reach, as around hour 2 of sleeping in the same position really makes you crave some mental interaction.
  3. Behind on bill paying or tax filing? It’s a great time to catch up on those items while no one is up and bothering you for say a run to Panera for lunch!


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