Guilty Freedom aka Back to Work!

It is hard to quantify the feelings of going back to work as a new father. I would imagine if it could be summed up in a Star Wars related analogy it would be akin to the Battle of Hoth, and being on that first successful transport to escape the Empire’s blockade:


Yay we made it out! Oh, oh crap what about everyone else!?

Nothing compares to being a new mom, especially when she’s away from her baby. But I submit to you that new fathers go through some comparable feelings of guilt and worry when at the office. While we are helping provide for the family in a monetary sense, are we easily concerned with our careers over them since we returned so quickly? I don’t believe that is the case. If anything it’s still a sign of an unequal expectations of men and women in the home. Moms “should be home”, while dads, hey what are you really doing home?From talking to friends and family this emotion seems to be normal. While it is a great relief to be out and remember who you were before the bundle of joy arrived, you are constantly thinking of what is going on back home. Is the wife okay? Is Karibou crying for 5 straight hours? Are there cats and dogs living together in harmony?

What are your thoughts as new dads (and moms) back at the office?

Check out a dad’s view from across the pond in a great short read about returning to work too.


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