The DoGooders

The past few years working and playing for social good got me to thinking the day before and brought up this question:

“Why do we have so much good going on in silos in major US cities, on Twitter with empowered individuals, in nonprofits serving causes from immediate to 20 year resolutions, and organizations speaking for the do-gooder champions, yet have no superhero do-gooder direction for all of them?”

The tragedies of the past few years, both natural and manmade, and ones that have not left us for generations (cancer, poverty), have had many champions to resolve them, and many retirees. However, with the advent of the internet, social media, and new technologies, we have yet to form our own, for lack of real creativity, Jedi Council or Justice League to address them as one voice at one moment.

I think of these amazing organizations, Catchafire, VolunteerMatch, Stay Classy, Bull City Forward, YNPN, New Leaders, BBBS, CIS, TFA, Habitat, F Cancer, Network for Good, Share Our Strength, Idealist, and on and on.

I think of all the work they do that occurs within their own silos, when a crisis hits or around a certain long-term cause. What if instead of working separately, with know shared strategy, these organizations and more created something larger? Something where when disaster strikes, or when momentum is needed on an issue (Haiti anyone?), we have a Council that combines the expertise and knowledge of leaders from each area, to speak with one voice in directing resources and energy?

Just imagine the potential of such a League of do-gooders. Imagine every volunteer, organization, director, and cause working in lockstep with specific directions from strategic goals from shared leadership and vision?

Now is this the idea, or just another dream?


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