Happiness is Your Daughter’s Smile

My morning routine today was waking up around 6am to my daughter little Karibou grunting and tossing around. For a change (her momma always wakes up before I do), I leapt out of bed to go to her in her rocking bassinet, and what was I greeting with?

Her smiling right up at me.

And from her bassinet to crib?

Smiling and laughing.

It was like she was saying not just “hey I love you pops”, but “go be amazing today because I know you are to me.”


4 thoughts on “Happiness is Your Daughter’s Smile

  1. mom923 says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your blog today, It reminded me of one morning, my husband got up and walked over to our baby in his bassinet and remember the words exactly what my husband said to him. Our son was trying to roll over and was getting so upset with himself because he couldn’t do it. My husband walked over to him and said proudly, Wow you finally did it, your getting to be a big boy. It made me smile and I almost forgot about it till now. Thank you..


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