Why the 2 Percent?

I was recently talking to a coworker about why charity giving has to be a serious and not casual endeavor. We had a conversation surrounding how much effort needs to be placed if an organization wants to raise thousands every year.

Then I brought up maybe its more than just one organization’s efforts to raise more money, maybe its the whole nonprofit and charity sector. Earlier this month the Chronicle published a great piece on “The Stubborn 2% Giving Rate“. So it occurred to me, what are we (the nonprofit sector) doing wrong not to increase this amount in the last 40 years?

Your favorite charity may see an increase in donations annually, and so may your employer too. However, what if we grew the pie that they could pull those funds from? Would that not be worth having a conversation (rekindled hopefully from the Chronicle) in nonprofit circles all across America? Yes maybe past ideas have failed, but look at the change the Internet and society has gone through just in the last 6 years.

Just think of what would come of the nonprofit community if we raised donations 1% of GDP. Perhaps we could move away from large government funding of programs, both from the federal and state governments, if the American people could be driven to give more directly to charities instead.

I’m hopeful that when thinking of fundraising at your organization, you think more than just the pie that is in front of you, but what we call can do to bring more pie to the table.


Mmm, pie!


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