When Daylight Comes

Part of the human experience in the quest for happiness entails the prospect for great loss along the way. This year has been no exception, and if anything a little bit harder in coping with loss of a loved one. It is a strange feeling knowing someone you talked to frequently, looked up to as a child, or was always there with a kind word when you needed it is no longer a part of your day.

For me it’s been an amazing 12 months going from becoming a husband, to homeowner, to father. Then the last three months have been nothing short of trials both external and internal. It’s been low-lighted with these loss of a young good inspiring friend and old, yet new, mentor.
Then came the loss of my grandfather who I’ve always held as a role model.

When I step back I think how does one go from being a child with nothing but hope and bouncy optimism, to fighting back the world of pessimism as an adult?

I believe there are times when we all question our place and our significance in the battles against the forces that seek to drag us under. But as I looked at my younger cousins and thought of my wife and daughter I was moved by the thought of how one man made a lasting legacy through his positive actions and words. No matter how dire or desperate times become, we always have the choice to be who we are and who we want to be.

The world is full of despair and evil, which we grow accustomed as adults. Even make excuses for it.

Yet I believe good times are still ahead. Refuse to accept that hope and optimism have no place in our adult world, and I believe we would be on way to honoring all those lost before daylight comes.


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