Old Year Lessons – Transitions are Not for the Weak

So transitions should be the theme of 2013 for myself as I have transitioned from non-parent to parent, employee at one established nonprofit to leading a new start-up nonprofit, and someone who escaped years without personal loss to experiencing the pain and sorrow for what felt like everyday at some points.

The year that was in 2013 will not be forgotten anytime soon, and it is probably cliche to say that since everyone thinks that when a year is over. However, I will gladly forget that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series!

Yet the personal sting of losing a good friend, a mentor, and then my grandfather in a few short months was something out of a novel. It was like someone else was writing the story and I was struggling through each of its pages.

Waking up to this year I only knew my life would change through the transition into parenthood sometime that winter. What would follow in the seasons to come will have a lasting impact as much as the arrival of my daughter has. And I have not lived up to all my expectations as a citizen in this year, which is not the fault of these (at times overwhelming) hurdles or movements. Alas it is my own personal shortcomings in not giving myself time to grow, to heal, to listen, or to have fun that has highlighted my need to get back to center for the new year. I hardly volunteered, I gave up a gym membership, I left business unfinished, hardly explored new cultures, music and art, and neglected projects. Needless to say the year of transition has shown me how your values can be lost if you are not constantly vigilant in defense of them.

Unlike 2012, where I made all these bullet points of what I was going to do, 2014 presents a new learning experience. As my daughter and wife and I find our footing as a family, I believe my approach is not to think of it as how to get by – but how to have fun & happiness each day, and plan for adventures that result in that – no matter how hard it may be.

Happy New Year! Here is to our ever continuing adventure!


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