A New Beginning

Today marks the first day of a new side venture for myself – putting pen to internet and willingly offering any assistance to young folks everywhere trying to break into the nonprofit sector.

Everyone has a beginning to the story, but often we are more interested in how people are going to help us, and less how we can do to help them get to their goal. I have always loved taking an hour, grabbing coffee, and talking with a complete stranger about how to remove the curtain of the mythical nonprofit sector so they can find their dream job, make connections, or just get an outside opinion. So now, it is time for me to begin my journey as an adjunct life/nonprofit coach in the great teaching university that is our sector.

I hope to be of a small help in the journey of others. After all, if it wasn’t for Obi-Wan Kenobi, where would Luke Skywalker be? Now you just erase those prequels from your mind before you answer!

Cheers, and thanks for coming along for the ride,


Chief Passion Officer


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