Be Generous

During your career and performing admirably at the office, there is no better advice than to be generous with your time and talents in the nonprofit sector. Fast Company magazine published an outstanding two minute read on The Case for Being a Generous Leader last week, and it is well worth the read, even if you do not consider yourself a “leader”.

What I love most about the article is this simple quote:

Generous people, on the other hand, are genuinely happy. They aren’t constantly determining their self-worth by how far they are above others. They have a great day when they’ve had the chance to add value to others.

Obviously that resonates with those of us working in the nonprofit sector, and the folks behind Nonprofit Beginnings.

More importantly, even though you might be in job search mode, it should strike a chord with you as well. You do not have to be a leader of a Fortune 500 company, the Director of a nonprofit, or even managing people directly at your current position. YOU have an immense amount of compassion and skills to give to others, to lift them up in their own goals, and in turn grow your community through love.




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