Their Testimonials

As a musician, most of my education background is in the arts, and I really lack a lot of the knowledge surrounding starting up a nonprofit. Thus, when I was struggling to find a sustainable way to bring the arts to those in need, my project would have never made it off the ground without Nick’s advice and help. He truly wanted to see me succeed in the nonprofit sector, so he was (and continues to be!) willing to provide help and answers to any questions I had throughout the process of incorporating and registering my nonprofit. My project probably would have died off quickly if I didn’t have someone there to help guide me on the right path.

-Max P. of Push Play Sing!

March 2015

When I solicited a conversation with Nick at NonProfit Beginnings, I was looking for someone to bounce around ideas with regarding social dynamics of nonprofits and how organizations work. I am wildly interested in applying natural principles to the design, structure and organization of nonprofits. Nick jumped right into this conversation, making connections on these principles and suggesting numerous resources that I look into to further my quest to understand. Nick was enthusiastic and excited about the ideas and helped me sculpt them by asking specific questions and making parallels through the experiences he had.
I look forward to continuing my relationship with NonProfit Beginnings as I know that most of us in the nonprofit world could really use someone to talk out ideas with that are not connected to our organization, and thus able to see our experiences from a different perspective. Nonprofit Beginnings, at least in my experience, is that resource!
Laurel S.
March 2015

Nonprofit Beginnings Consulting provided the piece of the puzzle I was missing to kickstart my job search in the Triangle. I moved to the region after finishing a master’s degree, but I had no network, and after months of searching, discovered that my degree was not a traditional match for the nonprofit sector. I had been frustrated because so few jobs matched the specialized skills I worked hard to develop in school and didn’t want to give up, but NBC has been great because they have helped me fit the sector to my skills, not the other way around. NBC helped me turn my background into a strong narrative to target specific issue areas. They helped me identify resources and use them to effectively identify jobs worth applying to. Most importantly, they have helped me build my network strategically, helping me make approaches and identify specific people to reach out to. Since I started working with NBC, I have saved time by writing fewer applications, but they have been for positions that I hadn’t considered before and would actually like to have. My experience has helped me write more confident applications and introduce myself more comfortably to the people I would love to work with.

Ben S.

April 2015


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